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Sep 2021

AH196-Bondi to Manly Walk Guidebook: interview with the author

The 80km Bondi to Manly Walk is one of Sydney's hidden gems that many people don't even know exist. In today's episode we catch up with author Tara Wells to chat about her new guidebook for this amazing trail The Bondi to Manly Walk : The Definitive Guidebook. This book will help those who are keen to plan and complete this walk.

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Jul 2021

Episode 189-Interview with the author-A Book of Australian Trees

In today’s episode we talk with author Inga Simpson about her latest book and first children's book, The Book of Australian Trees. Trees tell stories about places and Australia has some of the tallest, oldest, fattest and most unusual trees in the world. As hikers, trees are our constant companions on many of our hikes. While this book is aimed at children, it will also please adults as well and makes a great coffee table book.

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