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Nov 2021

AH 203-Getting back into hiking after lockdown, Interview with Joe Bonington

Joe Bonington is the creator of Joe's Basecamp gym, Sydney’s Premier adventure training facility and over the past few years he has transitioned his training delivery into an online model and now has clients across Australia and New Zealand, Asia, and even back in his place of origin the UK. Joe developed his program to provide the inspiration, training, and support to help his clients achieve their bucket list goals, outdoor adventure and wilderness sports and activities. Joe doesn’t just talk training he is highly experienced in the fields that they train for with his main goal is to get people ‘out there and getting amongst it; to live large and tear chunks out of life’.  We first caught up with Joe Bonington in episode 32 in July of 2017 to talk about what you need to do to prepare for your hikes and other outdoor adventures from a fitness perspective. Today we catch back up to talk about getting back on trail after the long periods of inactivity that many of us have been forced into.


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