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Jul 2021

AH191-Tasmanian Trail here I come

In February of this year I decided that my long distance hike for 2021 was going to be the 1200km south Australian Heysen Trail and part of my decision for bringing this trail forward a year was that I wanted a trail that was based in a single state and unlikely to be impacted my COVID related issues. It didn’t quite work out that was and as a result I had to pivot to another trail and my choice became the 480km Tasmanian trail. In this episode we discuss the trail itself, and my upcoming trip including my concerns and expectations. If everything goes to plan this will be the first in a series of 5 episodes including this episode, 3 from on trail, and 1 post trail episode.


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Aug 2020

158-Snowshoeing in Australia

Hiking, bushwalking, whatever you want to call it is all about hiking outdoors in nature. While Australia doesn’t have the same sort of extreme winters as Europe and North America the Australian Alps are usually covered in snow and for many of us it means some of our favourite hiking destinations have gone to sleep and we need to look for other options. Buy why is that? Recently we tried snowshoeing to see if this ‘walking option’ provided an alternative to hibernation for accessing the alpine regions during the colder months.

This three part episode consists of a discussion on the basics of snowshoeing, a series of recordings we made on the day of our snowshoe tour, and finally  an interview with Bruce Easton, owner of Wilderness Sports in Jindabyne. For more information read our write up here.

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