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Feb 2021

Episode 176-Considerations for choosing a hike

Whether you are new to hiking or have been doing it for years, deciding on what walk you are going to do will depend on a number of factors. Surprisingly the answer you get when you work through these factors may differ each time you have to make this choice. While some of these factors cross over with general hiking planning there are also a number that are purely subjective. In this podcast episode we look at seven main factors to consider when choosing a hike to get the best outcome for all concerned.

Jan 2021

Episode 175- Shikoku Pilgrimage Trail: Fighting Monks and Burning Mountains

In this episode we interview author Paul Barach about his epic journey on the 1200 km Shikoku Pilgrimage Trail in Japan. This was a trail I hadn't heard of until talking with Paul and reviewing his book Fighting Monks and Burning Mountains : Misadventures on a Buddhist Pilgrimage but now it’s firmly on my to-do list. This is a great episode that showcases this Japanese pilgrimage trail and provides an insight into Paul’s adventure that is both informative and amusing.

Dec 2020

Episode 171-Social media and hiking

Everyone has their own reason(s) for hiking; exercise, solitude and scenic views are just some.For many people photography also forms a key part of getting out bush. Sometimes this will be the main reason with the focus being to take photos of wildlife and sunrises. At other times it may be a minor reason with the odd photo being taken as a means of remembering the trip but for many its the lure of social media. In this episode we look at the negative impacts of social media and discuss ways in which we can minimise this.

Dec 2020

Episode 170-Finding water on a hike

At home we tend to take the availability of water for granted, we walk to the tap, the fridge, or if we are out and about the store, and drink as we need. When we are hiking, particularly in remote areas the availability of water becomes a more complex issue. For short hikes we may just carry a water bottle or we may wait until we get back to the car or trailhead to rehydrate. For overnight hikes we can often carry what we need. The problem arises when we start to do multi-day hikes and it becomes impossible to carry all the water we need for multiple days because of the weight and the bulk. It’s at this stage we need to top up on water as we walk. This requires us to know how to find water which may not always be easy. In this episode we discuss hydration as hikers and then look at sourcing water when we are out hiking.

Sep 2020

163-Hiking with Injuries

Most of us we start life reasonably fit and healthy and as we get older we start to collect various injuries and illnesses along the way. In most cases we aren’t talking about major medical problems that are going to stop us from hiking altogether but rather issues that may only be minor niggles but either in isolation, or in combination, they injuries can become more of an issue making life just that bit more difficult. In addition to these pre-existing issues we can also collect new ones when we hike. Dealing with these injuries can be a real learning curve but it’s worth being aware of what they are and how best to manage them, otherwise your enjoyment level will be greatly impacted.

In this podcast episode we discuss the key considerations for hiking with pre-existing injuries as well as managing any new ones you pick up on the trail.

Sep 2020

161-Hiking and camping styles

When we think about hiking we create a picture in our mind of what the day looks like and if there is an overnight stay involved the camp forms part of the picture. The thing we need to remember is that hiking is different for everyone and there is no right view of  the image we create. How we come to hiking and camping will generate this mental picture. Are we life long hiking enthusiasts that started as part of a family activity? Are we new hikers who have only just started? Are we the occasional hiker who does an adventure every so often and wants to just turn up rather than doing any of the organising or planning? Or maybe we don’t fit into a single style of hiking and will choose our own adventure based on what we feel like.

In this podcast we discuss what the common types of hiking/camping styles. Where do you fit?

Aug 2020

157- Pack Training

Physical preparation is a part of getting ready for any hike. For shorter easier hikes the training may be almost non existent while for longer and or more complex hikes you may spend weeks if not months preparing. Training for longer hikes involves many different physical aspects including cardio and weight training, as well as lots of walking/hiking both with and without a pack. In this podcast we talk about the do’s and dont's of pack training to help you get the most out of your hike.

Jun 2020

152-Contributing to Australian Outdoor Magazines

In episode 138 we talked with Craig Sheather who writes hiking guide books and in episode 135 we caught up with adventure photographer Danyal Taylor. In this week’s episode we continue the theme and talk with Gary Tischer about what it takes to be a contributor of both photography and written articles to the Australian outdoor magazines.

Gary has been contributing to some of Australia’s best known outdoor magazines for nearly 40 years and while you may not know his name, chances are you have read his articles over the years. Today we find out how he became involved in writing and photographing for outdoor magazines, and how the needs of magazines have evolved over the years.

Jun 2020

151-Stepping out again

It's now mid-June 2020 and at long last the restrictions around coronavirus are easing, seemingly at a rapid rate. Pending a second wave of the virus, the ability to travel, while not yet back to normal, has been greatly relaxed and we can now travel further afield and do some longer and more complex hiking. In episode 145 we discussed things we can do when we can’t hike, or our hiking has been greatly curtailed for any reason, but what should we be doing now we can get out and about? In today’s episode we discuss things to consider as you get back into some more serious hiking to ensure you enjoy yourself and stay safe.

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