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Oct 2021

AH 199-Hiking and Plane Travel

October 21, 2021

For many hikers getting to the start of a hike typically requires a car ride either in your own vehicle that you return back to at the end of a hike, or a drop-off and pick up by friends or family. Other forms of public transport such as buses and trains may fit the bill depending on the options of getting to a trailhead. But what about when you travel interstate or overseas and need to transport yourself, and all your hiking gear, on a plane?

Travelling by plane creates a whole new set of logistical issues that you need to consider to get both you and your luggage to the trailhead with a minimum of fuss. In this podcast episode we discuss considerations for hikes that require plane travel and provide tips to help you get the best out of not just your hike but the journey as well.


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