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Jul 2022

AH 224-Wild camping for hikers

July 20, 2022

For many hikers and campers when we first start out it's common to go with an organised groups or club, or with a more experienced friend who can show you the ropes. Typically if there are any campsite bookings required these will often be done for you, magically happening in the background, and unless you look in more detail you can be forgiven for thinking that you can camp anywhere you like. However this is not always the case with Australia's various states and territories each having their own rules and regulations on where you can and can't camp and because they vary its hard to keep track of all the rule and regulations that apply to each state and territory particularly because there are always exceptions.

While I've been camping as a hiker for many years and know the rules for my local area I often find that when I travel interstate I find my knowledge lacking and potentially I'm opening myself to a fine or to being moved on. The rules and regulations that apply in each state have been developed for good reasons, usually based around protection of the environment. In this podcast episode we provide a brief overview of the various state and territory rules and regulations to help with planning your overnight adventures.


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