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Oct 2020

Episode 166-Take a Hike

October 27, 2020

In 2016 well known research company, Roy Morgan, undertook a study on hiking (bushwalking) and unsurprisingly found that the proportions of Australians who participate on a regular basis was on the increase and in 2015 accounted for 27.3% of the population (more than 5.3 million Australians). From my perspective these figure are backed up by the increased number of people that we are seeing on the trail and while many of the people may only hike every now and again this is definitely the Australian pastime, and one that people do throughout their lives.

This podcast episode is aimed fairly and squarely at new hikers and is designed to provide a simple overview of the considerations to get 'out bush', in a manner that will hopefully increase your enjoyment, as well as reduce any anxiety/fears that you may have.