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May 2021

Episode 184- Australian huts and hiking

May 11, 2021

Australia's alpine national parks consist of a series of eight National parks that run from the outskirts of Canberra in the north through NSW, and down into Victoria not far from the outskirts of Melbourne in the south. Most of these parks are physically connected and form a continuous pathway that the Australian Alps Walking Track runs through highlighting the best of what these parks have on offer. If you have spent much time wandering this alpine region then you will have come across one or more of the approximately 200 huts that dot the landscape and while the Australian Alps is home to this high concentration of huts other Australian states and territories also boast a range of these relicts from the past. In addition to the older huts there are now a range of newer, often ultra modern versions, cropping up in some of our best known outdoor recreation areas.

In this podcast episode we look at the reason these huts came into existence, the function that they now serve, and importantly the etiquette involved in putting them to use.


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