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Jun 2021

Episode 186-Hiking and epilepsy

June 8, 2021

In episode 163 and 164 we discussed hiking with Injuries and disabilities but where does epilepsy fit into the mix given that around 3.5% of Australians will experience epilepsy at some point in their lives.

In today’s episode we talk to Carol Ireland, the CEO of Epilepsy Action Australia about her organisation, the impact that epilepsy has on activities like hiking, and provide an overview of their upcoming fundraising hike on the Larapinta Trail that will take place from 16-22 August 2021.

In addition, we will also be catching up with Nicole who participated in the Great Wall of China Hike for Epilepsy Action Australia in 2014. As someone with Epilepsy Nicole will be able to give us an upfront and personal insight of the considerations and management involved when undertaking a physical challenge such as hiking.


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